Church Small

Being the church in our homes and out in the community.

Hi everyone,

While our public worship gatherings may be shut down because of the corona-virus, our church is not cancelled. We have an opportunity to be the church in our homes and out in the community. What follows is a guide to worshiping as a family or a small group in your own home. The guide includes:
• Scriptures to read
• themes for prayer
• a guide to musical and non-musical worship
• a prerecorded children’s message and sermon with accompanying discussion guides
• a guide for loving your neighbors
We also have introductory guides for Church Small including:
• a video introduction (YouTube)
• a written guide (PDF)
The worship guides will also be posted to:

Some thoughts for the week:

From what we are hearing from those who are connected in with federal, state, and local government, they are anticipating that the corona-virus outbreak will peak in our area in the next two to three weeks. We are asking everyone to be careful during this time, not only to protect yourself, but to the protect the vulnerable in our community and to prevent the local hospitals from being overwhelmed with patients. If you have any doubts or concerns, please consider staying home.

We will be looking to do more to connect the church online. This next week we hope to hold the prayer meeting online, so that we can pray together and meet together, even when we are home practicing social distancing.

Praying for you all,

Pastor Nate (March 28, 2020)

How to use Church Small:

Church Small Users Guide (PDF)

Church Small Introduction (Video)

March 22 – Fourth Sunday in Lent – Blindness

March 29 – Fifth Sunday in Lent – Finding God in the Darkness