Friday, May 13

Psalms: 127, 130


Luke: A centurion had asked Jewish elders to appeal to Jesus to come and heal his servant. The centurion was a Gentile who was apparently keen to Jewish sensitivities regarding interactions between Jews and Gentiles. Unfazed, Jesus sets out to see this centurion until He was prevented; the centurion believed himself unworthy to receive Jesus in his home. Next, Jesus raises the only son of a widow of Nain which only serves to spread His notoriety. [Much like John the Baptist when he confessed that he (John) should be baptized by Jesus when Jesus sought him out for baptism. (See Matt 3:14)]


Luke 7:1-17

New Testament:

Colossians 3:1-11

Old Testament:

Wisdom 6:12-23

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