Monday, February 21

Psalms: 146, 149


Ruth: The time: during the period of the Judges. That is significant because that whole period (about 300 years or so) was marked with turmoil until the time of Samuel. One of the droughts impelled Elimelech to take Naomi, his wife, and their sons to the land of Moab for relief. (Moab was land given to Lot, Abraham’s nephew.) Unfortunately, Naomi was bereft of her husband and two sons, who though married, were childless. Naomi encourages her daughters-in-law to find husbands for themselves; one remains in Moab, but the other, Ruth, clings to Naomi.  


Matthew 5:1-12 

New Testament:

2 Corinthians 1:1-11

Old Testament:

Ruth 1:1-14

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