Wednesday, February 16

Psalms: 130, 138


Mark: In this parable of the wicked tenants, Jesus gives a synopsis of what happened to the prophets before Jesus came along. The vineyard is a metaphor for Jerusalem, the man of Mark 12:1 is God the Father, the tenants are Israel. From the time of Moses, God sent His prophets to His people to remind them to repent (shape up) but repent they did not. From this reading, we see that many prophets were ill-treated (Moses & Jeremiah, for example) and some died – all in an effort to bring God’s word to them. Jesus, of course, is the Son. The Crucifixion was “out of the vineyard” i.e., not in Jerusalem.


Mark 11:27—12:12

New Testament:

1 Timothy 3:1-16

Old Testament:

Isaiah 63:15—64:9

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