Wednesday, January 5

Psalms: 114, 125


John: The vine and the vinedresser. Jesus tells us that the Father does the pruning. He must know what He is doing; when I prune a plant it dies. I don’t know how to prune. Because pruning involves cutting it is reasonable to think the process will be painful – but, as stated above, God knows how to prune. He also knows how to cut off an unfruitful branch destined for the flames. Pruning may be in the nature either of correcting or of honing. In either case, life (from the vine) remains whereas when a dead branch is lopped off, because it is dead, there is no life left.


John 15:1-16

New Testament:

Heb. 11:32—12:2

Old Testament:

Joshua 1:1-9

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