Wednesday, December 1

Psalm: 31


1 Thessalonians: One of the major stumbling blocks for the Jews was their status as God’s “Chosen People”. If ever there were a reason for their arrogance, would it not be this? Because of their unclear thinking regarding being “chosen”, the Jews could not accept the notion that God would, or could, later include non-Jews to that status. Yesterday’s reading (Luke 20) makes that clear. This is why they tried at every turn to extinguish the gospel whenever they could. The “filling up the measure of their sins” (v16) may simply be a result of their obstinacy or “stiff-necked”-ness in actually hearing the saving word of God. 


Luke 20:19-26

New Testament:

1 Thess. 2:13-20

Old Testament:

Isaiah 2:1-11

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