Wednesday, November 24

Psalms: 28, 29


Luke: This is a rather brief, if pointed study in gratitude. These 10 lepers were kind enough not to approach Jesus but rather hailed him from afar. “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” (v. 14) was all He said. All were cleansed but one turned back to praise God and to thank Jesus. We don’t know if the others ever went to the priests, nor do we know if ever they were grateful. As if to make His point, the one grateful leper was a Samaritan – an outcast, a half-breed – so why not a leper too? See John chapter 4 for more of Jesus’ dealings with Samaritans.   


Luke 17:11-19

New Testament:

James 3:13—4:12

Old Testament:

Malachi 1:1, 6-14

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