Tuesday, November 23

Psalm: 38


Habakkuk: Habakkuk shares with us a magnificent prayer. This guy has an enviable relationship with God; I wish I could pray as eloquently. Remember, this is a personal prayer – it may not have been in the message intended for Judah (and us). Habakkuk, unlike most prophets, (an official of the state at that time) brazenly asks God how it is that in such evil times (after the death of Josiah, but on the eve of the Babylonian captivity) that the Jews will be oppressed by those less “righteous” than themselves. The answer: “Your eyes are too pure to behold evil, and you cannot look on wrongdoing…” (1:13)


Luke 17:1-10

New Testament:

James 3:1-12

Old Testament:

Habakkuk 3:1-18

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