Wednesday, November 10

Psalm: 119:97-120


Revelation: This is a somewhat grim image. Apparently, God is “fed up” with the wickedness of man just as it happened at the time of the Flood. Jesus came, and I believe He has stayed this torrent of wrath for many eons. What could be worse in God’s eyes by the brutal and unjustified execution is His own Son? Perhaps these bowls of wrath should have been poured out at that time. History confirms they were not! God is waiting (and I don’t think for much longer) “for the number of the Gentiles to be full.” (Romans 11:25) Very good God-speak for “I don’t know when”.


Luke 13:10-17

New Testament:

Revelation 16:1-11

Old Testament:

Ecclus. 43:23-33

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