Tuesday, November 9

Psalm: 119:73-96


Luke: I trust you’ve never heard: “God is going to punish you…” – most especially as a deterrent against undesirable behavior. That is pretty much the sense and substance of the book of Job; the thing is, even at its outset we are told that God found no unrighteousness in Job. So here, Jesus is applying the same principle – we can’t know the heart status of these victims except that we all are perilously close to the abyss without repentance. The fig tree: not unlike the fig tree Jesus later curses, if it “promises” figs and does not produce them, an unhappy ending is in store. 


Luke 13:1-9

New Testament:

Rev. 14:14—15:8

Old Testament:

Ecclus. 43:1-22

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