Tuesday, November 2

Psalm: 119:121-144


Ecclesiasticus: Sirach here is helping us to see not only the beauty of Wisdom but also Her place in the order of things. As I slide off the rails, please bear with me. When Solomon describes Wisdom, he hints at Her divinity. I think this Wisdom is the Holy Spirit of Whom we know so little about and of Whom we tend not to investigate. He (the Holy Spirit) remains to us even today somewhat of an enigma. Just to apologize (defend) both Solomon and Sirach, their take on Wisdom’s genesis will lead you to conclude that the Holy Spirit came along after the Father. Solomon and Sirach wrote only what would make sense to them.


Luke 11:27-36

New Testament:

Revelation 11:14-19

Old Testament:

Ecclesiasticus 24:1-12

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