Thursday, October 21

Psalm: 144


Jonah: To say Jonah is a reluctant prophet is really an understatement. He gets his call from God to go to Nineveh. He hates, detests, and abhors the Ninevites (Assyrians). I can almost hear Jonah say to himself, “But I don’t want to…” Rather than to decline the offer, Jonah takes the first ship out of town. That didn’t age well. While in the “large fish” (Jonah 2) he says all the right things – lots of God-talk. So, when the LORD re-commissions him, Jonah complies, but not fully. Of the three-day journey across Nineveh, Jonah manages to go but one day – yet the city repented.


Luke 9:18-27

New Testament:

Acts 27:27-44

Old Testament:

Jonah 3:1—4:11

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