Friday, October 22

Psalms: 96, 149


Luke: The Transfiguration. So much is going on here I am not equal to the task of covering it in the space allotted. Here we go! This takes place on a mount. Picture Moses here (think Mount Sinai), no wait, he is here with Elijah (his favorite hiding place was Mount Carmel). Law and Prophets with Jesus connecting them. Peter, James, and John are terrified at the sight. They can’t see Jesus’ face for the brightness engulfing Him. Now the real scary part: the cloud with the “voice” – very much like Moses’ day. It said, “This is my Son, my Chosen; listen to Him.” (v. 35)


Luke 9:28-36

New Testament:

Acts 28:1-16

Old Testament:

Ecclesiasticus 1:1-10, 18-27

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