Tuesday, October 12

Psalms: 70, 76


Micah: Micah is one of very few prophets addressing himself to both Israel (the “Northern Kingdom” or the 10 tribes) and Judah (& Benjamin) in the south during the late 8th century B.C. (That may date the writing to somewhere around 725 B.C.) He has nothing good to say to either party. While Judah yet had a few good kings to follow Hezekiah, it has become a matter of “too little, too late”. Both kingdoms have passed the “point of no return”. As foretold in Deuteronomy, God will abandon them (Deut. 28:15-29:1)


Luke 7:1-17

New Testament:

Acts 23:12-24

Old Testament:

Micah 1:1-9

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