Saturday, October 16

Psalms: 6, 8


Luke: We are going to examine fear .. again. Good! This scene is quite similar to Jonah’s story. Jonah “saved” all the men on his ship once they “fed him to the sharks” (great fish) and for 3 days Jonah had time to reflect. Ultimately, Jonah did not emerge from his experience a changed man! Jesus asks, “Where is your faith? (v. 25) The disciples were afraid for their lives. Somehow, in this instance, the disciples may have thought that nature had thrown God a curve and He was unable to make things right. Do we do the same thing? Think Covid 19. 


Luke 8:16-25

New Testament:

Acts 25:13-27

Old Testament:

Micah 5:1-4, 10-15

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