Thursday, October 7

Psalm: 147


Luke: Two more examples of “straining the gnat” (KJV)(Matthew 23:24) or of not seeing the forest for the trees. Let’s face it. Pharisees are righteous, righteous, righteous! Paul as much as said so and he was a Pharisee. The trouble with Pharisees is they tended to broadcast their righteousness with an “outside voice”, as Jesus pointed out in the first scenario – just how unlawful were His disciples being as compared to David, while not even a Levite, violated the sanctuary by entering it. According to these scribes and Pharisees, God has no business being merciful on the sabbath – there are six other days for that!


Luke 6:1-11

New Testament:

Acts 21:27-36

Old Testament:

Hosea 5:8—6:6

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