Monday, October 4

Psalms: 131,133,134 


Luke: It is a truth universally acknowledged that men tend only to see the surface of things – here also. Jesus has told Simon to go fishing even after a night of fruitless endeavor; at Jesus’ word Simon, James, and John netted an abundant catch. Peter, rightly so, tells Jesus (or rather reminds Him) that he is a sinful man, and that Jesus should depart from him. Now this is early in Jesus’ ministry. Jesus then tells Simon that he, Simon, will, in time, fish for men. Thing is fish are easily duped by bait and lure. Men not as easily so. Thus, the initial calling of disciples – 9 to go. 


Luke 5:1-11

New Testament:

Acts 20:17-38

Old Testament:

Hosea 2:14-23

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