Wednesday, September 8

Psalm: 119:25-48


Acts: People who are self-righteous need innocent whipping boys. In this case the guards were the whipping boys for King Herod Agrippa (I), for although they had kept Peter between two soldiers, still an angel of the Lord appeared whereupon Peter’s chains fell of and, both Peter and the angel left the prison. The guards were hapless yet King Herod (the grandson of Herod the Great – notorious for the slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem) had them executed. Neither Herod was a pleasant man. Anyway, Herod Agrippa (I) dies justly for violating the first Commandment.


John 8:47-59

New Testament:

Acts 12:18-25

Old Testament:

Job 12:1; 14:1-22

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