Wednesday, August 11

Psalm: 19


Judges: The LORD, in speaking to Gideon, called him a “mighty warrior” (v. 12) to which Gideon responded: “Who me?!?” The LORD then commissioned his meagre crew of 300 men to attack and defeat the armies of Midian and the Amalekites. Like Moses, Gideon offers the lamest excuses to avoid this assignment. Once e gets his 300 men, he trots off after his enemies, and with the 300 defeats both armies. Upon completion of this task, naturally Gideon and his men are tired and hungry, so they stopped off at a place called Succoth and Penuel but was denied rest and aid from them. Later Gideon would destroy both cities. 


John 1:29-42

New Testament:

Acts 3:12-26

Old Testament:

Judges 7:19—8:12

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