Saturday, August 14

Psalms: 14, 15


Judges: The death of Gideon’s 70 sons represents only some of the slaughter in Judges which makes the book somewhat tedious. It is gratifying that Abimelech met with some justice. Since Gideon (Jerubbaal) had 70 sons (and who knows how many daughters – they, after all “don’t count”) and thus had many wives (again, who knows how many?). Somewhere in that mix as a woman, not his wife, who bore to him Abimelech. Illegitimacy was tolerated far less in Abimelech’s day than in ours today. Abimelech was not considered for inheritance, so he took matters in his own hands!


John 2:13-25

New Testament:

Acts 4:32—5:11

Old Testament:

Jud. 9:22-25, 50-57

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