Tuesday, July 13

Psalms: 56, 57


Matthew: I can’t begin to know what kind of mood Jesus was in when He unleashed this tirade on the scribes and Pharisees. One “woe” and “hypocrite” after another. Consider: why were the scribes and Pharisees singled out? Unfortunately, most Jews were illiterate – cold not read nor write. A scribe could do both (it was, after all his job). If he is a copier, as I suspect most were, one would think, certainly Jesus did, that perhaps the words they copy might also register. Apparently not. The Pharisees, like Paul, had committed great swaths of Scripture to memory, apparently to no avail. 


Matthew 23:13-26

New Testament:

Romans 8:31-39 

Old Testament:

Num. 35:1-3, 9-15, 30-34

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