Sunday, July 4

Psalm: 86


Luke: Talk about “missing the boat” and a complete lack of compassion… This is a study in legalism. This unfortunate woman had been crippled, bent over, for 18 years. One Sabbath day Jesus sees her in a synagogue and exercises God’s lovingkindness on her by healing her. But the leader of the synagogue, in an effort to, as it were, condemn Him in the flesh, seized upon this moment to judge Jesus’ “work “as a violation of the Sabbath restriction from work. I am lazy, and even I don’t consider placing hands on someone and declaring her healed is work.  That’s what a “beam in the eye” looks like. (See Matt. 7:4)

Gospel: Luke 13:10-17

New Testament:Acts 17:12-34

Old Testament: Numbers 21:4-9, 22-34

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