Friday, June 18

Psalm: 41

Meditation – Galatians: This is a tricky passage. It seems to me that whenever Paul starts talking about the Law, he leaves me behind. These verses are no different. Paul was a Pharisee; one cannot unlearn all that he had learned at the feet of Gamaliel (Acts 5:27-40). Paul had undoubtedly memorized large sections of Scripture – it was more economical to memorize Scripture than to purchase it. Back to the Law, Will and promise. Paul says that God Himself had made promises to Abraham before there was the Law.The advent of the Law in no way amended God’s promises nor nullify His agreement or covenant with Abraham.

Gospel: Matthew 14:22-36

New Testament: Gal. 3:15-22

Old Testament: Eccles. 5:1-7

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