Jesus Fixes Broken People

Craft Ideas

Read Mark 1:21-34

The reading has a lot of different broken people. What do we do with broken things? Have you ever had something that broke? What happened? Usually, if it is inexpensive we throw it away – if worth a lot we try to fix it. Right? Do we see Jesus throwing people away or fixing them? How many different ways are the people broken?  So much so they are screaming during a synagogue service (kind of like a church service) and they cannot even get out of bed! They have a bad fever. 

How does Jesus respond to all these different people?  Look at verses 32-34. There are a lot of people coming to Jesus; unlike anything we have ever seen. Why do they come to Jesus? 

Jesus has just started his ministry and already he has many people who want His help. Is this still true today? Do many people still need Jesus’ help? Does He want to help them?  

How can we be like Jesus and help people? Can you think of ways we might be able to help broken people? The story of Jesus is a story where Jesus does so much for many people. He fixes all kinds of problems that others could not fix or help with. 

Now look at how the people who saw Jesus fix people and help people felt when they saw Jesus at work. See all the different words in this section? Words like amazement and wonder and astounded and fame. 
In other words Jesus was totally amazing and the people who saw Him and followed Him felt this. 

When people – whether children or adults – feel this way at how Jesus Christ helps people then they express it in what we call WORSHIP! This is why we worship every week – to take time to praise God through Jesus for everything good that He has done for us! Worship begins when we see how excellent and wondrous and great Jesus is – and we want to sing about it – talk about it – pray to Him – or ask Him about our own needs and brokenness.

Craft Ideas

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