Saturday, January 30

Psalm 55

Meditation: John – What would you do if you saw your best friend and teacher walking on water towards you during a massive storm? The disciples weren’t just out of port, they were three to four miles out to sea. They were unreachable except by boat, especially with a storm making sailing so dangerous. Just as miraculous as the walking on water is, as soon as Jesus go on the boat, they hit the shore they were heading for.

Gospel: John 6:16-27

New Testament: Hebrews 10:26-39

Old Testament: Genesis 18:1-16

2 thoughts on “Saturday, January 30

  1. I have always struggled with Psalms like Psalm 55 because, one, unlike David, I don’t have people trying to kill me, and two, I have a hard time squaring prayers that call for the destruction of enemies with Jesus call to love your enemies. But what if the person David describes as not an enemy, “my companion, my familiar friend”, a friend who betrayed him, is himself? What if the enemy is me? What if I am the one speaking lies to myself? This Psalm took on new life for me when I realized that my greatest enemy is within. It is me.

    1. Liz Ripley

      Read through the psalm again after reading your post and all I could think of while reading it was my own battles with anxiety and depression. Its amazing how there really is a psalm for everything!

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