Friday, November 27

Psalms: 20


Isaiah: The beauty of prophesy is that it is vague enough that the likes of me can only speculate about it. That is my disclaimer. This appears to me to be the “final judgment” made so famous by the Apostle John in Revelation. It seems the remnant (vv. 14-16) rejoice at this judgment, which is visited upon the earth, but there is no mention of these faithful escaping this plague. Isaiah, however, is quite clear that not one of the wicked can evade or escape God’s hand, as the passage acknowledges that both heaven and earth will be touched by God, lends greater credence that Isaiah got a gander of the final moments of earth’s life.

Gospel: Matthew 20:17-28

New Testament: 1 Peter 3:13 – 4:6

Old Testament: Isaiah 24:14-23

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