Wednesday, October 7

Psalms: 128, 129, 130


2 Kings: A woman prophet – or prophetess? Never! Well, actually they had been around since Moses’ day – even his own sister Miriam was a prophetess. Deborah, a judge in Israel was also a prophetess. Huldah, this prophetess tells Josiah that all of the disaster spoken of by Moses (Deut. Chapters 28 & 30) will befall Judah but only after Josiah dies. That sounds simple; to avoid judgment just keep Josiah alive. Well now, the bad news is that Josiah dies at the ripe old age of 38.

Gospel: Matthew 9:9-17

New Testament: 1 Corinthians 11:23-34

Old Testament: 2 Kings 22:14 – 23:3

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