Going Deeper: October 4

Read Mark 10:46-52 together. 

If you missed the sermon on Sunday, you can watch it here!

Here are some things that all of us need help with:

1) To pay attention to those around us, especially when we are busy or in a hurry

2) To truly listen to those in front of us who are talking to us – not to pretend to listen but to really listen

3) To trust God – to trust Jesus and let go of our “cloaks” and security blankets. This is hard to do for all of us – trusting Jesus and following Him “on the way” means that we are disciples

4) Following Jesus – means we believe Him and trust Him and want to be like Him. Let’s try to follow Jesus this week


  • Is God asking you to do something or to stop doing something?
  • Is He calling you to trust him with a specific area of your life?
  • Is the Holy Spirit prompting you to repent of a specific sin?
  • Are you moved to worship God? Why are you thankful for Him?
  • Are you being prompted to pray a specific way?

Share what you have learned about Jesus and Bartimaeus with someone else this week. 

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