Bartemaeus – The One Who Sees

Listen. If you missed the Children’s Message on Sunday, you can watch to a recording of it here!

Read: Mark 10:46-52 together as a family.


Have you ever cried for something over and over? How about asked again and again for the same thing? What was it?

Have you ever seen / met a beggar? What did you think about them? How do they make you feel?

What did Jesus do for Batimaeus?


Jesus heals a blind man the night before His passion starts [Hint for parents: Passion Week is the last week of Lent, the week leading up to Jesus’ Death and Resurrection].

Read Mark 11 – What happened right after Bartimaeus is healed?

If you were Jesus or with Jesus and the next day started Passion Week what would you be focused on?

Why does Mark tell us about the “cloak”? Do you have a cloak? Have you ever had or seen a child with a “blankie”? Why do they hold onto their blanket so tightly?


What does Jesus ask Bartimaeus? Why? What happens to the cloak?

What do you like about Jesus in this passage? About Bartimaeus?


Since Jesus “stopped” to listen and help should we be willing to stop to listen to others who are in need? Will you see if anyone around you is in need this week? Will you remind them how Jesus can help?

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