God Knows Us

Listen. If you missed the Children’s Message on Sunday, you can listen to a recording of it here: www.pacificunionchurch.org/churchsmall starting Monday.


How many thoughts does God have about us? 

[Hint to Parents: See Psalm 139:17-18]

How does it make you feel that God knows you and thinks about you this much?

Let’s find out what God knows about us and how he knows us. 


We spend each day lying down and then we get up and run around. We also spend part of the day thinking. Read Psalm 139:1-4 together. How much of our day does God know about? What does God know about what we are going to say? 

[Take a little lego man or something small that can be covered by your hand. Make a “C” with your left hand and then cover your left hand with your right hand so that the object is covered by your hands. This is what God does for us. He is always with us and he protects us. See Psalm 139:4.] How does this make you feel that God protects you? 

God is with us at all times of the day, and no matter where we go. Let’s find out all the places where God is with us. Read Psalm 139:7-12 together. Make a list of all the places we can go where God will be with us. If you like, have the kids draw pictures of all the places that God goes with us. 

Our life began inside of our mothers and it will end when we die and then go to be with God. Our lives can take a long time. What part of our lives is God with us? Read Psalm 139:13-18 together to find out. [Hint to parents: Waking  from sleep in verse 18 refers to dying and waking up with God in heaven.] Who made you? How does God feel about you and all the people that he has made?  

Respond. So God knows you. God protects you. God is with you always. God loves you because he made you. God knows the good parts of us. He knows the good things we have done. He even knows the bad things we have done. He knows all about us and he loves us. 

How does that make you feel? 

King David, the man who wrote this psalm, asks God to do something for him. Let’s find out what he asked God to do by reading Psalm 139:23-24 together. 

What did David ask God to do? 

How can we pray the same prayer?

[Take some time and lead the kids in prayer. Ask God to show us the things that we are afraid of and the things in us that need forgiveness. Ask God to help us follow Jesus. ]

Share. What is one simple thing you learned this week that you can share with someone else? Who will you share it with? Make a plan to share what you learned this week with this person. 

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