Finding God in the Big, Beautiful World

Listen. If you missed the Children’s Message on Sunday, you can listen to a recording of it here: starting Monday.


If you get to know a musician by listening to their music, and a carpenter by looking at what they build, or a dancer by watching them dance, what is one way that we can know God?

[Hint to parents: One way we get to know God is by getting outside and looking at the plants, animals, people, and world that he has made.]

Psalm 104 was written by someone who went outside, looked at all that God had made, and  began to worship and praise God. We want to learn about how to know, love, and worship God, by getting to know the world he has made. 


[Activity] Bring the kids outside and have them collect some of the beautiful things that God has made. You can also bring a camera with you and take pictures, or bring a sketch pad and draw pictures of the plants and animals you see. Have the kids make collages with the pictures and things they have collected. Have a conversation about what the things God has made tell us about God. What does God love to make? How does God feel about the creatures and plants and world that he has made?

The writer of Psalm 104 did just what we did. He went outside and looked at the world God made, thought about it, and then worshipped God. Let’s find out what he learned about God through what God has made.

Read Psalm 104:10-13 together. What does God provide for the birds and the animals? 

[Hint to parents: the rains, water]

Read Psalm 104:14-15 together. What does God provide for the cows? 

What does God provide for us? 

[Hint to parents: While God gives food to the animals, he gives us plants for us to take care of and to turn into food, like bread. We take what God gives us and we turn it into something good and delicious.]

[Optional Activity (perhaps later in the week?) Bake something with the kids. As you are putting the ingredients together, explain where each ingredient comes from and how God provides these ingredients for us.]

Read Psalm 104:16-18 together. 

What animals do you see in these verses? What does God give to each of these animals?

[Hint to parents: a home] How does it make you feel that God has given your family a home?

Did you also know that God gives our world rhythm? 

Let’s find out what God created that gives our world rhythms of work and rest. 

Read Psalm 104:19-23 together. 

How does God give our world rhythm? Who is up at night? Who is up during the day?

Why is it a good thing that God gives our world rhythm? 


Read Psalm 104:33 together. What does the writer of Psalm 104 do after he looks at the world God has made? Let’s praise God too.

There are several ways you can worship God our Creator.

  • You can sing together. (A song like “God of Wonders” might be good.)
  • You can pray together telling God how much you love him for the world he made and for taking care of it. 

Share. What is one simple thing you learned this week that you can share with someone else? Who will you share it with? Make a plan to share what you learned this week with this person.

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