John Gray and Stephen Furtick

Conversations about race are even more terrifying than talking about politics. They are fraught with emotion. There is the fear of being misunderstood. So we say nothing and over the years the church has largely been silent. The result is that we live in a country where our churches are segregated on Sunday and violence spills out in the streets on Monday. As the tension in our society builds, we have retreated to social bubbles where we can live in the comfort of being with those who look like us, worship like us, believe like us and live like us. We watch separate news channels. We live in separate communities and we worship in separate communities. 

Bottom line: the world needs the church to start having these uncomfortable conversations. This video was put together to get the dialog going as John Gray (an African-American pastor) and Stephen Furtick (a white pastor) come together to talk about the current state of race and the church. Watch this video and think about how it can lead to your own inter-racial and cross-cultural conversations. 

Stephen Furtick and John Gray on Race: Honest, Imperfect Conversation is Crucial

Some questions to think about:

  • What did you hear in this discussion that would allow us to have constructive and honest conversations across racial lines? 
  • How did this video stretch you to understand the experience of someone that is not like you?

Have a thought, question or idea? Leave a comment in the section below …

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