God is Bigger

Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

You can find it at pacificunionchurch.org/churchsmall


Have a conversation with the kids about what they are most scared of. If you would like, you can have the kids draw pictures of something scary. 

How do we feel when we see something scary?

How does God do when he sees something scary? [Hint to parents: See Psalm 2:4.]

Why does God laugh? 

How does it make you feel when you know that God is not afraid of anything?


God thinks scary things are funny because nothing is big enough or strong enough to scare him. But there is another reason we don’t have to be afraid. 

Read Psalm 2:6-8 together. 

Who is king of the whole world? 

[Hint to parents: If the One on the throne is God the Father, then the king on Zion, that’s the hill that Jerusalem was built on, is Jesus.]

Why is it good news that Jesus is the king of the whole world?

[Hint to parents: Talk to your kids about how we know that Jesus loves us. If Jesus is love and he is very strong and in control of everything, then he will protect us.]

Respond. Have the kids draw a picture of how Jesus is bigger than our biggest fear. Use what you learned from Psalm 2. 

Fear can get in the way of us praying, that is why Psalm 2 was written. 

Take some time to pray together as a family. 

  • Pray that you will remember that God the Father laughs at scary things and that Jesus who loves us is the King of Everything so that we will not be afraid. 
  • Pray for people that you might know who are afraid.

When you tuck in your kids this week for bed, remind them that God laughs at scary things and Jesus is the King of Everything. 

Share. What is one simple thing you learned this week that you can share with someone else? Who will you share it with? Make a plan to share what you learned this week with this person. 

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