Latasha Morrison

The church is the first international, inter-racial family in the history of the world. This is not just a future heavenly ideal, this is a present earthly reality. This is the truth that animates Latasha Morrison, a woman who has dedicated her life to seeing racial reconciliation happen in the American church. 

She sees two essential ingredients for peace and reconciliation to be possible:

  • First, we must acknowledge the experiences of our minority brothers and sisters without dismissing them out of hand or minimizing them.
  • Second, we must acknowledge the truth, including the ugly parts of the truth, of our common story. Truth is the foundation of peace-making. Our romanticized view of our history creates a barrier because we don’t know our story and therefore we truly don’t know each other. 

In this video, Latasha Morrison unpacks what it means for us to be truth-tellers in the service of racial reconciliation in God’s kingdom. Take the time to watch this video and then think about these questions:

  • What aspects of our American story have we forgotten or whitewashed?
  • How have we dismissed or ignored the stories of the struggles of our minority brothers and sisters?
  • What can we do to promote racial reconciliation in our families, churches, and communities?
  • What else struck you about this video?

Take some time  to post your feedback, questions and reaction to this video so that we can keep this conversation going. 

Other Latasha Morrison resources:

Be the Bridge

Latasha Morrison is the founder of Be the Bridge, which is an organization dedicated to building inter-racial and inter-ethnic relationships within the church for the purposes of racial reconciliation. This website is full of resources for those interested in getting involved in racial reconciliation work.

Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation

For those of you who are looking to do some summer reading, this is a great book to add to your list. In this book, Latasha Morrison lays out her vision for racial reconciliation and the practical steps we can take to get involved. 

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