Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

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What do we have to remember to do when we hold a baby? Why?

Gentleness is knowing that we are strong and that our words are powerful. Gentleness is making sure that our strength is used to help people, instead of hurting them. 

In today’s story we are going to see that Jesus is both strong and gentle. 


[Hint to parents: Here’s a little background on the story you’re about to read. One of the women has an issue with bleeding for twelve years. That meant that she was “unclean” according to the Law of Moses and she was not allowed to touch anyone, otherwise they would be unclean as well.]

Read Luke 8:40-56 together. 

Where do you see Jesus’ power in these stories?

Why do you think the woman was so afraid when Jesus noticed that she touched him?

How does Jesus deal gently with her?

How is Jesus gentle with the girl and her father?

How is Jesus gentle with us?

Who are some people that we know that are strong and gentle?

Respond. How has God made us strong? How strong are our words? What good can they do? How can we hurt people?

Jesus was gentle because he used his strength to help people and not to hurt people?

How have we hurt people with our words or strength? How do we need God’s forgiveness?

How can we use our strength and our words to help people instead of hurting them?

Who are some people that we know that we can help with our strength and our words?

Make a plan to use your strength in a gentle way this week.

Share. What is one simple thing you learned this week that you can share with someone else? Who will you share it with? Make a plan to share what you learned this week with this person. 

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