Wednesday, July 29

Psalms: 119:73-96


2 Samuel: Joab vs. Abner. In chapter 2 of 2 Samuel, Abner, Ish-Bosheth’s (son of Saul) chief general found it necessary, though reluctantly, to kill Asahel (Joab’s brother). The flame of revenge burns hot. Abner had fashioned a reconciliation between David and Ish-Bosheth to end the civil war. David grants Abner safe passage home. Joab was not happy about that – he would now have to improvise his revenge on Abner. Joab sent messengers to Abner to return to Hebron, where David had set up his house, and Joab took Abner and murdered him.

Gospel: Mark 6:47-56

New Testament: Acts 16:16-24

Old Testament: 2 Samuel 3:22-39

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