Wednesday, July 22

Psalms: 119:49-72


Acts: Let’s begin by clearing up something which may prove confusing: there are two cities called “Antioch” One is located in Syria not far from Damascus and the other more like an outpost located in the region of Pisidia not far from Galatia in Asia Minor. Lucky you, you get both Antiochs here: the first is the one in Asia Minor (often called Antioch Pisidia); the second is the one close to Damascus. The Jews in Antioch (Pisidia) had gathered a mob to stone Paul, which they did, alas, Paul did not die. These Jews were Moses’ disciples. So, Paul got up and resumed his journey and from Attalia (on the south coast of Asia) they sailed for Antioch (Syria) by way of Seleucia.   

Gospel: Mark 4:35-41

New Testament: Acts 14:19-28

Old Testament: 1 Samuel 25:23-44

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