Tuesday, July 7

Psalm: 144


Saul (Paul) had forged for himself a formidable reputation perhaps equal to a zealot or Jewish fanatic. The mere mention of his name rained down fear on those who heard it. The detail that gets minimal attention is Saul’s submission to baptism after his Damascene experience. No self-respecting Jew would submit to being be baptized; consider those whom John (the Baptist) had baptized (the publicans and sinners). After all, Saul was what we call “all set”. That act of Saul’s being baptized would have been credential enough to satisfy nay-sayers of his new-found faith… but it was not.

Gospel: Luke 23:56 – 24:11

New Testament: Acts 9:32-43

Old Testament: 1 Samuel 15:24-35

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