Sunday, July 12

Psalm: 44


Matthew: This is one of Jesus’ tirades against the teachers of the law (the scribes) and Pharisees (and to us too!). In it, Jesus reminds them that their fathers oversaw the murder of many prophets. Alas, these teachers and Pharisees decry that they would not have done such a thing if they were there. Well, we say the same thing: we would never have denied Jesus as Peter and the others had done. Sure. But the puzzling verse: “Fill up then the measure of the sin of your forefathers.” (v. 32) Jesus’ point is that these self-same hypocrites will oversee the death of the Lord of Gory.

Gospel: Matthew 23:29-39

New Testament: Romans 10:4-17

Old Testament: 1 Samuel 17:50 – 18:4

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