Monday, July 6

Psalm: 85


Jesus, who had lost the vigor of His youth, was by now, half-dead. The Romans had spared Him from carrying the cross so they could inflict a greater humiliation. He was stripped naked (completely naked) and nailed to that cross there to be ridiculed and jeered at by most of the ghoulish by-standers. At noon, the curtain (veil) in the Temple was rent in two. This curtain (veil) was no flimsy sheer kind of thing; this curtain was much heavier and intricately woven so that no one could glance behind or through it. As Jesus’ flesh was being ripped apart so was the veil. See Exodus 36:31-35 for a description of the curtain.

Gospel: Luke 23:44-56

New Testament: Acts 9:19-31

Old Testament: 1 Samuel 15:1-23

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