Friday, July 10

Psalms: 80, 100


Acts: Luke now shifts his attention to Peter. We all know that God is “no respecter of persons”. Peter knew that, yet in the vision he had just seen he was told to “kill and eat” (v. 13) the clean and the unclean animals. This he protested but the Lord encouraged him. Now, as if to demonstrate in reality what he saw in a vision, Peter went to the house of a Gentile, Cornelius by name. As Peter is preaching in the house, the Holy Spirit came upon the Gentiles (oh dear! That can’t be right) – i.e., the clean and the unclean both. The Jewish believers were astonished (at God, I think). Time to re-think was is or what is not unclean.

Gospel: Mark 1:1-13

New Testament: Acts 10:34-48

Old Testament: 1 Samuel 17:17-30

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