Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

You can find it at


Pastor Steve talked about two bullies that he faced when he was in school.

How did Pastor Steve react to “Sharon” in third grade?

How did Pastor Steve react to “Chris” in seventh grade?

Did Pastor Steve treat “Sharon” and “Chris” the way Jesus wanted him to? Why or why not?


Let’s find out how Jesus wants us to treat our enemies. Read Luke 6:27-31 together.

How does Jesus want us to treat our enemies? 

Has someone ever been mean to you? How did that feel? What did you want to do to the person? Why? Is what Jesus is telling us to do easy or hard? 

Jesus sometimes tells us to do things that are very hard. Let’s find out why. Have you ever noticed that people look like each other in a family? You might have your father’s nose, or your mother’s eyes. In God’s family, we start to act like our Father in heaven.  Read Luke 6:35-36 together. 

What kinds of people is God kind to? How was God kind to us when we were sinners?

How do we look like our Father in heaven when we show love to those who are mean to us?


Who is someone that has been mean to us and is difficult for us to love?

How might you love them the way Jesus tells us to?

How has God been kind to you even on the days when you were not listening to God? 

Take some time to pray and thank God that he is kind to us even when we are having a bad day.


What is one simple thing that you learned today that you can share with others?

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