Pentecost Sunday

Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

You can find it at


Do you guys remember why Pastor Steve wore that crazy alien mask?

[Hint to parents: The Holy Spirit came down on the church at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit gave the church special powers to tell people about the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is like nothing in this world. It is “out of this world” (hence aliens). The kingdom of God is the world how God wants it to become, where everyone listens to King Jesus and there is nothing bad or sad.]

Could you understand what Pastor Steve the alien was saying? Why or why not?

The people listening to what Jesus’ followers were saying would have thought they sounded like aliens unless the Holy Spirit had given the church special powers to share Jesus’ message.  


Pastor Steve told us that there were 120 people in a room together waiting for the Holy Spirit to come and give them special powers. He thinks that some of the people in that room might have been kids just like you. 

Let’s read the story using our imagination. Let’s imagine that we are a kid in the room with the other followers of Jesus waiting for the Holy Spirit to come and then suddenly this happens …

[Optional Activity: You can even have the kids act out the scene if they enjoy acting.]

Read Acts 2:1-4 together. 

[Hint to parents: “Tongues” are languages that the Jesus’ followers had not yet learned, but were spoken by people listening in the crowd.]

What are you hearing? What are you seeing? How are you feeling as all of this is happening?

What special power do you and all the people in the room get from the Holy Spirit?

What does it feel like to have this special power? 

Read Acts 2:5-8 together. 

[Hint to parents: Most people in the crowd would have spoken Greek or Aramaic, which was the language they used out in the market. But these people all had a language that they spoke at home with those that they loved. This is sometimes called a “heart language”. Everyone in the crowd hears the message of the kingdom of God in their “heart language.”]

When you look at the crowd listening to you, what are the looks on their faces? How are they feeling? Why?

Read Acts 2:9, 36 together.

What question is the crowd asking? How does Peter answer their question? 

[Hint to parents: “Lord” is a name for God. “Christ” means Messiah, or God’s special king. So Peter explains all the crazy things they are seeing by saying that our sins nailed Jesus to the cross, but he rose from the dead. He is God and he is now our King.]


Read Acts 2:38 together. 

What two things does Peter want us to do? 

[Hint to parents: Repentance is when we are sorry for our sins,  come back to God, and ask for forgiveness. Baptism is the way we demonstrate that Jesus died and rose from the dead to save us from sin and make us part of his family.]

How will we listen and obey what Peter is telling us to do?

And here is what happened: Read Acts 2:41 together.

What is it like to see three thousand people get baptized all on the same day? 

Use your imagination.


If the Holy Spirit has given us special powers to share the message of Jesus’ kingdom with others, with whom will we share this good news? 

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