Ascension Sunday

Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

You can find it at


Why are the disciples sad? 

Pastor Nate said that it is a good thing that Jesus is going away. What two clues did he give to help us find out why this is true?

[hint to parents: Pastor Nate pointed to a throne and a battery.]

Someone is going to sit on a throne. Someone is coming who is like a battery. 

Let’s find out where these clues lead. 


Read Acts 1:3 together.

Jesus appeared to his disciples for forty days. 

What did Jesus show them?

What did Jesus talk about with them?

Jesus talked about the kingdom of God. 

What is a kingdom? [hint to parents: a kingdom is a place that is ruled by a king]

Who sits on a throne in a kingdom?

Read Acts 1:9 together.

Who flies way up into the sky?

Where is Jesus going?

What does this have to do with Pastor Nate’s first clue: the throne.

Jesus is going home. The kingdom of God needs a king to sit on the throne.  Jesus is that king.

Why is it a good thing that Jesus is our king?

Right before Jesus left earth to go to heaven to sit on his throne, he made a promise. This promise has to do with clue #2, a battery.

Activity: Find a working electronic toy that runs on batteries. Demonstrate that the toy works. Now take the batteries out of the toy and see if the kids can get it to work. 

Is the toy broken? The answer, of course, is that electronic toys can’t work without a battery. The battery gives them the power to work. Jesus’ promise found in Acts 1:8 is like a battery. Look for two things: (1) what does Jesus want his church to do? (2) what is the battery or power that will help them do it? 

Read Act 1:8 together. 

What does Jesus want us to do? Where does he want us to do it? 

Who is the battery or power to help us do it?

So clue #2 tells us that it is a good thing that Jesus went to heaven. He went there so that he could send us the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit gives us the power to tell others about Jesus. 


If Jesus is king and we belong to his kingdom, what should we do? What should we not do?


If the Holy Spirit gives us the power to share the good news of Jesus with others, who should we tell about Jesus? Make a plan to tell someone you know that Jesus is our king, that he loves us, and that he is coming back for us someday (Acts 1:11).

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