Going Deeper: May 3

Read Acts 6:1-15  together. 

Watch the sermon video (available at pacificunionchurch.org/churchsmall)

Listen. What is the new normal that Stephen embraced? What was the promising future that he looked forward to? How did this impact his life? 

Respond. What in the current new normal of corona-virus do you embrace? How has this changed your relationship with God? With other people? How can you embrace the new normal and promising future which changed Stephen’s life? How is God calling you to respond to this new normal?

  • Is God asking you to do something or to stop doing something?
  • Is He calling you to trust him with a specific area of your life?
  • Is the Holy Spirit prompting you to repent of a specific sin?
  • Are you moved by this story to worship God? Why are you thankful for Him?
  • Are you being prompted to pray a specific way?

Share. What is one simple thing that you learned about our resurrection new normal that you can share with someone in your life? Make a plan to share it with this person this week.

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