Third Sunday in Easter

Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

You can find it at


What is the mystery Pastor Nate wants us to solve?

[Hint to parents: What does it mean for us to be Easter people?]

What are the two clues that Pastor Nate gave us to help us solve the mystery?

[Hint to parents: The map, the suitcase, and the passport are a clue that being an Easter people is like going to live in a far-away country. The pictures are a clue that being an Easter people is like belonging to a big and loving family.]

Are you ready to solve the mystery? Let’s look for more clues by starting with an activity.


Have the kids go and find their most favorite and special thing in the whole house. 

Have each kid explain why it is so special to them.

How much would they pay if they had to buy it?

The things that are most special to us are sometimes things that we would pay a lot of money to have. Have you ever thought about how much God paid to buy you?Let’s find out.


Read 1 Peter 1:18-19 together.

[Hint to parents: the word ‘redeemed’ in verse 18 means to buy someone out of slavery.]

How much did it cost God to buy us? Did we cost more than gold and silver?

How does it feel to know that Jesus died and rose from the dead to buy us? 

When God bought us, he became our Father and we joined a new family. Now that we belong to God’s family, we have a new home and it is in a far away country. Because we belong to God’s family, our new home is God’s house (heaven). 1 Peter 1:17 says that we are “strangers” (some Bibles say “foreigners”, “temporary residents”, or “living in exile”). That means that even though we live here, our real home is God’s home. So, we have solved our first set of clues. As Easter people, we belong to God and that means our home is God’s country far away. One day we will live there. 

The other set of clues says that as Easter people we belong to God’s big and loving family. So how should we treat our new family?

Read 1 Peter 1:22 together.

[hint to parents: “Brothers” means “brother and sisters”, all the people who are part of God’s big and loving family.]

How should we treat our brothers and sisters in God’s big and loving family?

Respond. God has bought us and now we are part of his family. As Easter people, we are to love our new brothers and sisters. How can we love the people in our big and loving family?

[Think about how you can show love to people in our church. Are there things you can do to encourage the elderly and those who are lonely and shut-in during coronavirus? Are there people in need that you can help? Come up with a plan as a family to love those who need it.]

Share. What is one simple thing that you learned today that you can share with others? Who will you share it with? Make a plan to share it with them this week.

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