Second Sunday in Easter

Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

You can find it at


Why wouldn’t Pastor Nate climb on the tight-rope walker’s back, even if he believed the tight-rope walker could do it?

[Hint to parents: it is possible to believe and be afraid at the same time.]

How do we know that the disciples are afraid even though they know Jesus has risen from the dead? Where are they hiding? Why?

[Hint to parents: Look at John 20:19, and also John 20:26, which is after they saw Jesus alive.]


What will Jesus do with his disciples, who saw him rise from the dead but are still afraid?

Let’s find out together …

Read John 20:19-20 together. 

How does Jesus get into the room if the doors are locked? How powerful is Jesus?

Is Jesus mad at his disciples for hiding behind locked doors?

What does Jesus say to his disciples when he sees them?

How do the disciples feel when they see Jesus? How would you feel?

Peace is what you feel when you are not afraid. That is what Jesus gives them.

They don’t have to be afraid because Jesus is with them.

They don’t have to be afraid because Jesus can do anything, he can even rise from the dead.

Jesus knows they are afraid. Instead of being mad at them, he helps them not be afraid. 

But do you know what? A week later they are still afraid. Thomas, one of the disciples, even says that unless he touches the nail marks in Jesus’ hands and feet (from the crucifixion) he will not believe. Thomas was not with the others when Jesus appeared the first time. What will Jesus do this time? Let’s find out …

Read John 20:24-28 together.

Does Jesus get mad at Thomas for doubting?

How does Jesus help Thomas believe? 

What does Thomas believe with Jesus’ help?

So, Jesus was a really big job. He is going back to heaven, but he is looking for helpers who will share the news that Jesus has risen from the dead with the whole world. 

If you were Jesus, would you pick these disciples? Why or why not? Let’s find out …

Read John 20:21-22 together.

God the Father sent Jesus to our world to save us from our sins.

Who is Jesus sending?

What does Jesus give these disciples so they can tell others that he is alive?

[Hint to parents: notice what Jesus “breathes” on the disciples.]

Not only does Jesus help his disciples not be afraid, he picks them to a really big job and he gives them the Holy Spirit to do it. The Holy Spirit is God’s power in us so that we don’t need to be afraid. 

Respond. Make a list as a family of all the things you are scared of.

How is Jesus stronger than all of these things?

How does knowing that Jesus rose from the dead help you not be afraid?

How does it feel knowing that Jesus is not mad at you when you are afraid?

Pray as a family asking God to help you not to be afraid. Ask the Holy Spirit to remind you that Jesus rose from the dead.

Activity: Draw a picture that shows how Jesus is bigger and stronger than the biggest thing we are afraid of. Have each child explain their picture to the family. 

Share. Jesus’ big job is not just for the disciples, he wants us to do this big job. He wants us to help other people not to be afraid and to know that Jesus rose from the dead. Who can you help to not be afraid the way Jesus helps you? Who can you tell that Jesus has risen from the dead? Make a plan to help them this week.

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