Fourth Sunday in Lent

Listen. Listen to the pre-recorded Children’s Message together. 

What are the kinds of blindness that Pastor Nate talked about?

We are going to read the first part of the story. Look for the man who has the first kind of blindness (he can’t see anything.)

Read John 9:1-7 together. 

What happens to the blind man when he meets Jesus?

How do you think the blind man felt when he could see?

Now we are going to read the next part of the story where we meet people who have the second kind of blindness, the kind that keeps you from seeing Jesus. 

Read John 9:8-27

Who are the people with the second kind of blindness? Who can’t see Jesus nor the miracle that he did? Why can’t these people see Jesus? Are their eyes broken or do they have another problem?

[Hint for parents: the people with the second blindness are the parents and the Pharisees, the people can’t believe that Jesus healed the blind man even though the evidence is in front of them. They don’t see, because if they did, they would have to admit that Jesus is God.] 

In this next part of the story, Jesus heals the blind man of the second kind of blindness and he “sees” Jesus for the first time.

Read John 9:35-38 together. 

Does the blind man know who Jesus is? [Hint to parents: “Son of Man” is what Jesus calls himself.]

How does the blind man find out who Jesus is? What two things does  the blind man do when he “sees” Jesus for the first time? [Hint to parents: look at verse 38.]

Activity: Have the kids draw a picture of Jesus healing the blind man. After they finish their pictures, have them explain their pictures to the family. 

Respond.  If Jesus is God; if he has the power to make blind people see, what should we do? How can we follow the blind man’s example? How can we trust Jesus? How can we worship him?

Worship is simply telling God what we love about him. Take some time to worship God by sharing what you love about Jesus.

Discuss: How can we trust God as a family?

Share. What is something simple that we learned that we can share with our friends, family and neighbors.  Who will we share it with?

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