Second Sunday in Lent

Memorize this verse as a family:

Genesis 12:4b: … all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.

Listen. Have a conversation with your family around these questions: What do we need in order to feel safe, good and happy?  (Think not only of God but of the people and the things God gives us.) How would you feel if God told you to leave those things behind (other than him)?

Read Genesis 12:1 together. What is God asking Abram to leave? How would you feel if God asked you to leave like Abram? 

After God tells Abram to leave, he gives him three big promises (Genesis 12:2-3): a great and big family, protection (bless those who bless you; curse those who curse you), and to bless the whole world through his family. This last promise is special. We call it the Gospel, “God’s Good News” because one special person came from Abram’s family and he saved the whole world. His name is Jesus. 

What would Abram have to believe about God and his promises in order to leave his family? 

Read Genesis 12:4 together. Did Abram believe God’s big promises? How do we know? 

Respond. If Abram left and trusted everything to God, let’s make a list of everything we can trust God with. Make a list, but make sure each item is specific and connected to your family in some way. 

During the Season of Lent, a great way to learn to trust God the way Abram did is through something called fasting. Fasting is when you give up a good thing for a short period of time, things like chocolate, candy, movies, or even Facebook. 

What is one good thing you can give up this week as a family?

If the thing that you chose to give up saves you time, how can you use that time to be together as a family? To be with God?

If the thing you chose to give up saves you money, how can you give that money to the poor?

Share. What did you learn that you will share with someone else? Who will share it with?

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