March 1, 2020

First Sunday in Lent

Listen. Read Genesis 2:15-17. What two things has God given to Adam? What is the one thing that he has withheld? What is the punishment if Adam takes the one thing?

Read Genesis 3:1-6. How does the serpent get the man and the woman (Adam and Eve) to do the one thing God told them not to do? What lie does the serpent get them to believe about God? 

At the root of our sin is unbelief. The minute we doubt God is good, the moment we believe the lies, is the moment we fall into sin. 

Read Genesis 3:7-10. What do Adam and Eve notice about themselves immediately after they eat the fruit? Who do they hide from? Why? 

The Bible’s concept of death is more than physical death, it involves separation. Physical death is the separation of our soul from our body. Spiritual death is the rupturing of our relationships, not only our relationship with God but also our relationships with each other. How does the relationship between Adam and Eve change because of their sin? How is their relationship with God broken? 

Adam and Eve know that to be wrong is to be dead. That is the punishment for eating the fruit, so they hide. But in hiding behind fig leaves, they break their most important relationships. 

Read Psalm 32:3-4. What damage does hiding our sin do to us personally? Have you experienced what Psalm 32 describes?

Read Psalm 32:5. What does God promise to those who come out of hiding and are honest with him about their sin? 

Respond. If this story is true and we do have a natural instinct to hide our sin, and if God promises to forgive those who are honest with him, how will you respond differently when you sin? How will you be honest with God? How will you apologize to those you have hurt? Be personal and specific. 

Share. What is something you have learned from this lesson that you can share with someone else? Who will you share it with? Make a plan to share it with them this week.

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